Catherine Tramell

There are few things writers love more than writing about fake writers.  If you're chained in front of a keyboard looking at an endless white screen, vainly attempting to fill it with words, you are probably yearning for some excitement and adventure.  So lets explore that in what is hopefully a first in a series. Today we'll look at the history and career of mystery writer and author of Love Hurts. 

Catherine Tramell smoking a cigarette while being interogated by the San Francisco police.   

Catherine Tramell smoking a cigarette while being interogated by the San Francisco police.


Born August 10, 1960 or 1968 Catherine Tramell has lived a life of intense highs and lows.  Her parents were tragically killed in a boating accident when she was only 19 years old, leaving her with an inheritance of 110 million dollars.  She double majored in both psychology and literature at UC-Berkley.  Also while studying at Berkley she was involved in an sexual affair with her roommate Lisa Hoberman.  

Catherine Tramell is openly bisexual and has had a long string of brief, empty and tumultuous affairs with people of both sexes, many of whom die violently.

Miss Tramell's private life is one of legend, she was engaged to rising middleweight boxer Manny Vasquez (who later died in the ring),Professor Noah Goldstien (murdered with an icepick), musician Johnny Boz (stabbed to death during sex), San Francisco police detective Nick Curran (whereabouts unknown) and English football star Kevin Franks (drowned in the Thames).

Catherine Tramell was investigated for several of these heinous crimes, yet little evidenced to convict her.  The death of Johnny Boz was later linked back to one of Tramell's previous lovers Lisa Hoberman, who was killed during apprehension and later tied to several other murders in the San Francisico area in 1992.

Tramell has since been diagnosed with risk addiction and a narcissistic personality which would explain her use of drugs, rough sexual behavior, use of mind games and befriending convicted murderers.  She was last seen in London driving an Aston Martin DBS belonging to MP Nick Clegg.

Published works

The First Time

Love Hurts