This is our first blog entry so bear with us.  We are Second Look Scripts.  We are here to help you improve your writing.  All relations start with a grain of trust.  So we are going to tell you about ourselves.  Second Look Scripts is a small editing and proof reading firm located in the heartland of small editing and proofreading firms -Portland Oregon.  Our focus as editors is to make your writing shine.  It is our focus and our mission.  We do this by being honest with our clients.  Our duty is not to find what works with your writing; our duty is to find what does not work and help you improve it.  

We want as many writers working professionally as possible.  Every new writer is one less barista.  Every new writer is one less cell phone salesmen.  Every new writer is someone working toward their passion rather than away from it.  We believe that this is a noble goal and one worth pursuing.  

We are looking for playwrights, screenwriters, novelists, poets and non fiction writers.  We want to read your mysteries, short stories, sci-fi space operas, erotica, steampunk action thrillers, your tragedies and comedies; we are looking for you.